We love everything we do here at Project Heaven and we want to share it with you, so we are constantly filming videos to showcase what we do.

What would you like to see videos on:



Workshop Tours

In our monthly workshop tours, Pete will take you around workshop and show you all the classic and vintage cars they are working on, what they are in for and anything special about them. Pete will also take you into the engine rooms where you’ll see a whole range of different styles being built and of course we will show you what Ed our mast fabricator is working on in the fabrication room.

Unique Car Tours

We work on lots of very unique classic and vintage cars and we want to share them with you, in this selection of videos we will give you tours and talk you through all aspects of each vehicle. We will talk you through the work we have performed on the car and what the future plans are for each project. So sit back an enjoy a look at some of the most unique cars out there.

Engine Building

and Blueprinting

In this selection of videos our expert mechanics will talk your through all aspects of engine build and show you all the elements you need to thinking about when building classic and vintage engines.


There is nothing better than watching a true craftsman at work and our master fabricator certainly comes under that category. In this selection of videos Ed will take your step by step through the many processes involved in classic and vintage car fabrication, along with detailed explanations of how to use certain tools and to correctly perform a variety of processes.

Specialist Tools

Many workshops don’t want to share their knowledge on how to use specialist equipment, but not us! In this selection of videos we will talk you step by step how to use some most specialist tools out there. We’ll talk you through what we use them for and why.


Along with the mechanical side of restoring classic and vintage cars we also have an award winning bodyshop with highly experienced spray technicians. We have won multiple awards for our paintwork at shows and now in this selection of videos we want to share our process and give you tips on how get a show winning finish.

Car Performance

In this selection of videos Pete will talk you through the tricks and tips we use at Project Heaven to get your loved classic or vintage car running at its full potential.


In this selection of videos Pete will talk you through everything to do with electrics, an often over-looked are of classic car restoration


In this selection of videos we look at the work our upholstery team do restoring car interiors

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