EFI & EV Conversions

Future proof your classic vehicle by undertaking an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) or Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion. We can also simply retrofit modern technology into your classic to your specification, for comfort, convenienceĀ or coolness.


Improve power, fuel economy, reliability and engine lifespan by changing carburetted systems into fuel-injected intakes. Worry not about aesthetics though, Project Heaven can install fuel railsĀ  built into throttle bodies and conceal injection systems within original lines. Using our very own designed Classic ECU fuel management and mappings, we offer fully sequential ignition and injection and have developed one-of-a-kind Liquid LPG fuel injection conversions (please see video section).



Project Heaven can carry out all aspects of Electronic conversions in-house, from cradle fabrication, battery enclosure fabrication, 415V harness manufacture and assembly. We are continually designing bolt-in solutions for various classics.



In addition to the above, we regularly undertake the following installations;

* Power steering conversions

* A/C conversions

* Electronic distribution install

* Calliper and disc conversions

* Hydraulic clutch installations


Crank Shaft Balancing
Crank Shaft Balancing
Mercedes Automatic Gearbox
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