This is Heaven

Project Heaven; The home of a small consortium of highly skilled engineers, designers, craftsmen, collectors and racers. Together offering a complete range of skills and mind-blowing project opportunities.

Why choose us?

We have extensive working knowledge of; Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Lagonda, Aston Martin models and vintage and pre-war vehicles. Plus all the tooling and experience to be able to complete all of our work in-house.

That means we don’t need to use third party contractors to carry out work for us, so we can assure that our work is never compromised and is always carried out to our ultra-high exacting standards. Regardless of whether your project is a cherished member of the family, an investment piece or an all-out racer, they all get the love and attention they deserve.

Looking to buy?

 We have an amazing collection of exciting and exotic projects and parts – please take a look. All of our projects are for sale for us to build to your own specification.

Why choose us?

Only the best

We don’t use third parties. Instead, we do it all in-house to ensure that every job meets our ultra-high standards.

Show winning builds

We have a proud history of building best-in-show cars. From hot-rods to Goodwood racers to our Concours spec Maserati.

We do it all

We have specialists in all areas of restoration to ensure your car gets the absolute best, regardless of make, age or value.

Everything in house

The Workshops

As well as our team of specialists, we have numerous workshops specifically designed for all aspects of car restoration, making anything possible at Project Heaven.

Having all the tooling and expertise allows us to carry out all of our work in-house to ensure that every aspect of the restoration process is completed to our own ultra-high standards.

Whether it’s Restoration, Race prep, Welding, Fabrication, Paint, Engine builds, Project realisation, Dyno testing or anything else, there are no limits to the work we can carry out.

Something different?

It doesn’t matter if your car has a Haynes manual or not, we can work on anything. Whether it’s a concourse show car, a parts-bin special or homemade hot-rod,

You can trust us to get the job done.